RIP My Little Buddy

Chris Knauer – 12/22/1989 – 06/29/2014

We love and miss you buddy!

Chris’s memorial on his grandparent’s farm:

Chris's Memorial on Grandparnt's Farm

Chris's Memorial on Grandparnt's Farm

Chris's Memorial on Grandparnt's Farm

Decals that everyone is running on their bikes:

Rememberance Decals

A very good day at the track:

Good Day at the Track

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2014 season is well underway!

We’ve already completed 2 of the 7 rounds. Chris and I are both running in the same class this year (Amateur GT).

We went to Putnam Park back in April and results were so so. Chris was running very well there. He was running 2nd behind Blake Holt for most of the race and then crashed a couple of laps before the finish. There weren’t a lot of entries the first day so he still ended up with 6th place points. I finished 4th. Sunday he finished 4th and I finished 6th out of around a dozen entries. I just can’t run fast at Putnam for some reason.

Last weekend we raced at Gateway Motorsports Park, our home track. I did much better there on Saturday and was actually battling for the lead for most of the race. Chris was right up there too but got tired and dropped back before the finish. Sunday was raining and it was all I could do to talk Christopher into going out and racing even though I mounted up a brand new set of rain tires for him. Robbie Graber showed up for his first Amateur GT race with us and ended up taking the win and I took 2nd. I told him he spoiled my plan of having my first win. :)

Here’s a video from both me and Chris’s bikes with the announcer audio mixed in from Saturday’s race (you might have to use full screen mode for better playback performance):

Here’s a video from Sunday’s race with announcer audio mixed in:

Race results from last weekend at Gateway:

Race Results from May Gateway

Points standings after 2 rounds:

Points standings after 2 rounds

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Knauer Racing 2014 Schedule

MCRA 2014 Schedule

Putnam Park Event Schedule PDF

Gateway Event Schedule PDF

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